User Groups

Flexible group-based category permissions for granular control over your entire knowledge base. Simplify user access & permission management by organizing users into groups or teams.




PHPKB software offers you the flexibility to use a single knowledge base system for visitors, clients, staff, partners and restrict access to certain parts of the knowledge base for authorized users. This is made possible with private categories and user groups. You can create groups for knowledge-base users and associate them with private categories so that they can access the knowledge content assigned to their user-group. When you create a user in the knowledge base, you can assign him to one or more groups in order to define his access rights in the system. If a user is a member of several groups, his access permissions are the sum of those groups’ permissions.

  • For Example: You create a usergroup Affiliates and assign some private categories to it. Now, all users that are a part of Affiliates group can access the content under the private categories associated with it.
User Groups for Private Category Access

The distribution of access permissions to private categories is provided by user groups. User-groups can be associated with protected categories only so that members of a particular user-group can access the content under those categories. A user group can be associated with one or more private categories. Similarly, a user can be assigned to one or more user groups.

Add New Group

To better understand the working of usergroups and their association with private categories & users, please have a look at the illustration below.

User Groups

Mapping User Groups to LDAP Groups

Groups become extremely useful if used together with existing LDAP / Active Directory using LDAP Integration facility. That way, you won’t need to create a separate account for each user in the knowledge base. Just connect to the LDAP server, map LDAP directory groups and PHPKB groups, and retrieve users with full account information in one click. This facility is only available in Enterprise Editions of PHPKB Software.

User Group Features
  • Create unlimited number of user groups.
  • Facility to create separate groups for admin users to define content creation and publishing rights under specific categories in the admin area.
  • Facility to assign one or more private categories to a user group.
  • Facility to assign one or more users to a user group.
  • Facility to revoke category permissions from a user group.
  • Facility to revoke specific users assigned to a user group.
  • Facility to view the list of private categories associated to a user group.
  • Facility to view the list of users assigned to a user group.
User Groups Management

Have a look at the screenshot below to see how easy it is to manage and edit user groups in the admin area of PHPKB knowledge base software.

Manage Groups

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