I am getting "The File Type is not allowed" error, what shall I do?

PROBLEM:  When I upload an image or video file I get "The File Type is not allowed" error (see image below):

Can you help me to solve the problem?

SOLUTION: The files that are uploaded via Asset Manager of WYSIWYG Editor are controlled through:

Manage Settings » Miscellaneous tab » WYSIWYG Editor Settings section » Allowed Files

Just put in the desired extension separated by a comma and click Save or Save Changes button. For example: gif,jpg,jpeg,png,mp4,mov,flv


As we can see clearly, we have allowed .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4, .mov & .flv (don’t put a dot (.), instead, use a comma (,) in the allowed files list to separate files) images/video files format.

That’s it!

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