Understanding PHPKB Software Licensing: Limitations on Installations and Domains

PHPKB is a knowledge management software developed by Chadha Software Technologies. The software is offered under two licensing models:

  1. Perpetual License: This license grants the user the right to use the software indefinitely. With this license, the user purchases the software once, and then they own it forever. The perpetual license also comes with a one-year subscription to support and upgrades.

  2. SaaS Subscription: PHPKB also offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model, which is a subscription-based model that allows users to access the software over the internet without the need to install or maintain the software themselves. Under the SaaS licensing model, the user pays a monthly or annual subscription fee to access the software on the vendor's servers, which are typically hosted in the cloud. The vendor is responsible for maintaining the software and providing updates and support. The SaaS licensing model is popular among businesses that prefer a more flexible and scalable approach to software licensing, as it allows them to easily add or remove users as needed and avoid the costs associated with installing and maintaining software on their own servers. The annual subscription includes support and upgrades for the duration of the subscription period.

Both licensing models offer the same features and functionality. The choice of which license to use will depend on the user's needs and preferences. The perpetual license may be more cost-effective for users who plan to use the software for a long time, while the annual subscription may be a better option for users who prefer to pay for the software on an ongoing basis.

It's worth noting that the licensing terms and conditions may vary depending on the specific version of the software and the vendor's policies, so it's always a good idea to read the licensing information provided by the vendor carefully before making a purchase.

Limitations on Installations and Domains

When purchasing the PHPKB software license, it's important to understand that the license is valid for only one installation on one domain on a server. This means that you can only use the software on one website or domain that is hosted on a server.

The reason for this limitation is that software licensing is designed to protect the intellectual property rights of the software developer. By limiting the number of installations, we can ensure that our software is not being used in ways that violate the licensing agreement.

If you want to use the software on multiple domains or installations, you may need to purchase additional licenses or upgrade to a different licensing model that allows for more installations. It's important to carefully read the licensing agreement and understand the terms and limitations before making a purchase to avoid any potential legal issues.

In summary, a software license is valid for only one installation on one domain on a server, and additional licenses may be required for multiple installations or domains. It's important to carefully read the licensing agreement to understand the terms and limitations of the license before making a purchase.

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