How to install wkhtmltopdf and configure in PHPKB?

wkHTMLtoPDF is an open-source and cross-platform tool that can convert HTML pages to PDF. This is a command-line utility and it is pretty easy to use. The syntax for using the tool is fairly simple, enter the name wkhtmltopdf, followed by the URL of the web page, and the name of the PDF that you want to create, like so.

wkhtmltopdf URL filename.pdf

PHPKB knowledge base software uses this tool to facilitate exporting knowledge base articles to PDF format.


  1. Download an appropriate version of wkHTMLtoPDF library from
  2. If you are on Windows operating system then do install it under C:\ drive (for example c:\wkhtmltopdf). On Linux/UNIX, you can install it under /usr/local/bin and make sure wkhtmltopdf has execute permissions.
  3. Configure its path in PHPKB knowledge base software. For that, go to: "Dashboard > Tools > Manage Settings > Miscellaneous" and enter its path in wkHTMLtoPDF Path box.

Save your changes. That’s all!

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