Taking backup of knowledge base data

This section allows superusers to take backup of knowledge base data as well as configuration details so that knowledge base is safe from any data loss or disk failure. Backup makes it possible to restore your knowledge base after a possible crash or to move the knowledge base from one server to another.

Expand "Tools" section in left navigation bar and click on "KB Backup" link to take the backup of knowledge base data.

  1. Database Backup: You can generate database backup in this section.

  2. Assets Backup: You can create a backup of assets (attached files, uploaded files such as images and other files) in this section.
  3. Configuration Backup: You can take a backup for configuration details (settings of knowledge base) in this section.
  4. Backup Files List: Details of backups generated in the knowledge base are displayed in this section as shown below:

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Created: August 30, 2016
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