Autosaved Drafts

PHBKB Knowledge base provides you with the feature of auto saving articles in the "Autosaved Drafts" section. It automatically saves a copy of your article at regular interval of time so that in the event your computer crashes or connection is lost, you will still have a draft somewhere.

  1. Expand "Articles" section in the left navigation bar and then click on "Autosaved Drafts" link to open autosaved Drafts page.
  2. Autosaved drafts screen is divided into columns explained below:

Autosaved drafts section in ’Edit Article’ page:

The autosaved drafts for existing articles (if any) will be displayed on edit article page above the edit form as shown in the screenshot below. Various versions of the draft are saved according to the date and time, when the article was modified.


If you click on "Actions" button, a list of possible actions that can be performed on draft is displayed.

In the case of article publish and article update, all the autosaved draft versions of that article will be removed automatically from the software.

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