Support and Maintenance Renewal

Everything related to the PHPKB support and maintenance contract and renewals including the FAQs.

What is a Support & Maintenance Contract?

Your maintenance contract is like an insurance policy. It entitles you to more than just being able to contact support by telephone or logging a support case. A valid contract provides you with cover for the number of software licenses you own for the period of the contract (usually one year). The benefits of having an active maintenance contract include:

Software Assurance: Delivery of important software updates ensure that your PHPKB license works optimally and is kept up to date with the latest technology innovations and improvements. Our knowledge base software continues to evolve via frequent and significant updates. If you are after new features, ever-improving usability, and the latest innovations in knowledge management, an active software maintenance subscription ensures that you will continue to receive all the latest software updates for another year. Premium customers will receive 24x7 support where our staff of engineers will help you to fully maintain, manage and support every aspect of your knowledge base. Telephone call support is available during weekday business hours.

Cost Saving: We continually brings technology advances to your software investments so that you get ongoing product performance and other improvements. A valid support contract for your PHPKB license entitles you to free software version upgrades for any new release of that particular product or its successor. Version upgrades are delivered to your customer area account. Eligible customers will receive an email when the new release is available.

Expert Problem Solving: Get expert help when you need it and however you prefer to access it (online or phone). We're here to ensure that your knowledge base environment has maximum uptime and data protection at all times.

Peace of mind: If your team depends on our knowledge base software for its activities, having a guaranteed direct line of contact with a committed support team offers fantastic peace of mind. Renewing ensures that the privileges of software maintenance continue uninterrupted.

By renewing on time, you ensure that you continue to receive these key benefits, and protect your investment. If you have any questions, please see the Renewal FAQ below, or contact us.

Maintenance Renewal FAQs

An active Support & Maintenance contract helps to protect and maximize a Customer’s Licensed Software investment. Maintenance/Support offerings include access to Upgrade Assurance, delivery of bug fixes, patches as well as other benefits. In order for Customers to continue accessing these benefits, Maintenance/Support should be renewed in a timely manner.

You can login to your customer area on our website OR contact your reseller to initiate your renewal transaction. To qualify for renewal pricing, your support and maintenance contract period must be continuous and you should renew prior to your renewal expiration date.

The customer area will show which licenses have active maintenance contracts, and can provide you with the information you need to renew (License ID, expiration date, type of maintenance, proof of purchase information, etc.).

To access customer area, click here.

Your customer area account is able to show which licenses have active maintenance contracts, and can provide you with the information you need to renew

You will need to update your license by updating the license key in the software with an upgrade key that contains the updated maintenance contract dates. The process to update your software will be specific to the product license. The version upgrade notification along with the product's documentation will provide the information required to upgrade the product.

You should contact us to update your contact information.

You can renew your maintenance contract at any time prior to the current maintenance expiry date. The new maintenance start date is always the day after the original maintenance contract expiry date.

The minimum period for a maintenance contract is one year which must be purchased and paid for in full up front. Generally, renewal costs cannot be spread over the course of the renewal period; however if you have multiple licenses, you can contact us about possible payment options.

Yes, if you choose to purchase additional years of maintenance up front at the same time as your initial license and maintenance purchase. The usual maintenance contract period is one year. For more information, consult our Support Renewals Policy.

It depends. If the additional software licenses you are purchasing are sold with maintenance already included (bundled) then, yes, the incremental number of licenses will be covered by maintenance. If the additional software licenses are sold separately from their maintenance contract, then you will need to purchase additional maintenance. However, in both cases, the maintenance end date for these new licenses will be different to the maintenance end date of your original purchase, so you may wish to enquire about aligning both end dates to a common end date if possible. We can always help to advise you on your purchases to ensure that you have adequate maintenance coverage.

Yes, maintenance can be purchased within two months from the date of purchase without penalty, provided that the original software version purchased is still supported. In this case, the maintenance contract start date will match the purchase date of the original software.

Yes, it is possible to reinstate a lapsed maintenance contract but only within 6 months (180 days) after the previous expiry date. It will include a penalty cost of $25 per month.

No, If you have bought a perpetual (self-hosted) license, you are not required to keep paying support so long as you don't want upgrades or support. Customers who do not keep their maintenance/support agreements current lose:

  • Free access to the latest product upgrades.
  • Product functionality and fixes available under maintenance/support.

Allowing maintenance/support to lapse can put your business environment at unnecessary risk. So, we definitely suggest our customers to keep an active support & maintenance contract.

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