Table of Contents

PHPKB automatically scan the headings through your article content and create the table of contents.



PHPKB introduces the Table of Contents (TOC) feature that auto-generates a table of contents or navigation table on any article on your knowledge base. It can automatically scan the headings through your article content and create the table of contents. You also get various options to configure your TOC and control how it is going to appear. The best thing about this feature is that it allows you to generate fully customizable and multi-level TOC. It also supports smooth scrolling.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Table of Contents
  • It adds an easy to use navigation section on the article page that helps users easily navigate directly to the desired section of your knowledge base articles.
  • This allows the content author to insert lead-in content that may summarize or introduce the rest of the knowledge article.
  • A table of contents also has a significance that it helps Google to show rich snippet in the search results.
Adding table of contents to your knowledge articles

To make things easier for you to understand let us first ask you a question. Have you ever skipped reading an article, because you thought it was too long and you got bored, because you could never reach the section you wanted to read when you started reading it? We are sure you did.

But you would not have to do that if the publisher would use a Table of Contents on the blog. A table of contents helps you highlight the critical sections of your article so that a reader can have an entire read or jump to the part he think is most relevant to him.

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