AI-powered Knowledge Base: A step ahead of the traditional

Organizations have begun realizing the importance of a viable knowledge base software to create, share, manage, update and store important information easily accessible to their internal and external users. A knowledge base can securely house essential documents such as Standard Operating Procedures, User Guides, Step-by-Step Guides, Troubleshooting Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, Product Information, and Regulatory Information, among others.

If you have employed a knowledge base in your organization, you already know the numerous features that a knowledge base boasts of. Currently, popular knowledge base software like PHPKB offers premium knowledge base features such as search engine optimization, in-depth analytics, advanced security, backup facility, high-level customization, integration with third-party apps, file management, and other document management functions like creating, updating, formatting, publishing, and sharing knowledge documents/articles with ease.

Traditional Knowledge Base

Employing a knowledge base is vital because it allows customers to find answers to their queries by themselves and reduces the overall load on customer support agents. When it comes to content creation, traditional knowledge bases make it super-easy for content creators to create content, review it, upload, save their work as drafts, list them under varied categories, and publish them or schedule for publishing.

Traditional knowledge bases are all the rage with MNCs and start-ups alike. They have become popular because they serve as a single-source repository for all the essential information. They thus help the employees, customers, and other stakeholders stay updated and in sync with the organization’s vision, mission, and objectives. It helps them collaborate and have a single sense of direction.

Limitations of the traditional knowledge base

As modern content becomes more visual and is loaded with different media types, it is becoming difficult for content creators to create text and image-only content on traditional knowledge bases. Advanced features in a knowledge base can enable content creators to unleash their creativity and step up their content creation game.

A knowledge base admin is supposed to ensure the maintenance, updates, upkeep, and security of the knowledge base while performing routine tasks like providing user access controls. These tasks, if automated, can help save daily efforts and reduce the processing time considerably.

AI-Powered Knowledge Base

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence in several industries, including the IT industry, knowledge base platforms powered by AI are also in near sight. The AI algorithms of a smart knowledge base software can help save the time and effort required for content creation and admin-related tasks, among other things.

AI-powered Knowledge Base Software

Automated Content Generation

Content is the king; every website, blog, or mobile application needs content to connect with its targeted audience. Writing this content requires professional writing skills and sound knowledge of the topic. Writing this SEO-friendly content requires a considerable amount of time and that’s when AI content writer or AI-generated content comes into play.

With the help of AI-generated knowledge base content, companies and individuals can fulfill their content-related requirements in less time. AI content generators work in two ways:

  1. They collect some information as input or generate content based on that.
  2. They take existing content and rewrite it in seconds.

An AI-powered knowledge base provides integration with AI-based content generation tools to help generate document content on the fly using artificial intelligence. With an AI-powered content creation facility, you will just need to specify the topic and some keywords, and the knowledge base system will be able to auto-generate the content.

Benefits of an AI-based knowledge base software

Here are some fantastic features that one can expect with an AI-based knowledge base.

For All Users

For Knowledge base admins

For Content Creators


Not only content creators and knowledge base admins, but all the users of a knowledge base will reap the benefits of an AI-powered knowledge base. A modern, AI-rich, and high-tech knowledge base can also stand firm against cyber-attacks and boost the security quotient.

A knowledge base makes an organization smart, but artificial intelligence makes the knowledge base smarter. It makes mundane, periodic tasks automated and super quick. With the perks of artificial intelligence, you might soon be able to leverage the benefits of both – artificial intelligence and knowledge base together!

If you haven’t invested in a knowledge base yet, it is time you do! With PHPKB, you get all the features and benefits you might need to unify your organization’s information and make it accessible.

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