Searching Users

PHPKB has a feature to filter knowledge base users by specifying parameters in the search form. Expand "Users" section in left navigation bar and click on "Search" link to open Search Users page as shown in the screenshot below:

Specify one or more parameters for searching users in the search form and click the search button. Search parameters are explained below:

  1. Enter the keywords you want to search in the "Keywords" field.
  2. "Search-In" field allows you to search the users by name, email address or username individually or in all together.
  3. In "Search Type" you can mark any of following options:
  4. Select Active in "Status" to search for active users and Inactive to search for users with inactive status. By default, Any is selected which will search for both active and inactive users.
  5. Select a "Level" (See: PHPKB Users   ) to search for specific type of user. By default, All is selected which searches users irrespective of their level.
  6. Click on "Search" button and result(s) will appear on the right side of the page as shown in the figure below:
  7. Result screen displays user details such as name, username, level, email address and status. You can click on Actions button to edit, delete or deactivate the user.

Custom Fields

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