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PHPKB v6.0.5 release notes

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PHPKB release 6.0.5 fixed several minor issues found in PHPKB release 6.0 and added some new features.

Here is the list of differences between your currently used package and new release of PHPKB knowledge base software.

  1. Article Collaboration Feature – This feature lets you collaborate with your team members to share opinions, ideas for improvement, general notes, or other important details about articles. You can communicate with your admin users (writers, editors, and super-users) and manage private information about an article with notes. Think of notes like a messaging system, but one which is only accessible by your own team.
  2. Article Referrers – The article referrers feature has been optimized for faster performance. This feature lets you find out which search engines are sending traffic to your knowledge base, and which of the articles receive the search traffic. PHPKB covers all 4 majorly used search engines i.e. Google Web Search, Google Image Search, Yahoo Search, and Bing Search. You can know what articles are receiving the most traffic from search engines and help you to increase more exposure on search engines by optimizing the article content for searched keywords.
  3. Trusted Writers – A new level of admin user has been added. It is called Trusted Writer. Earlier, the articles submitted by writers were marked as pending approval by either Editor or Superuser. Only superusers or editors had the right to publish their articles to the knowledge base. There was no exception for any writer no matter how skilled or experienced he is, but with this new user level, you can mark any writer as trusted so that his/her articles are published immediately without having to undergo any approval.
  4. Ability to show/hide the visibility of certain articles.
  5. Ability to enable/disable comments for certain articles.
  6. Ability to enable/disable ratings on certain articles.
  7. Bulk Actions – With this feature, an action can be performed on multiple items in one go. Earlier, it was not possible to perform bulk actions on multiple knowledge base items (categories, articles, news, users, etc.)
  8. Improved Backup System – The backup system has been entirely reprogrammed for fast performance and new features have been added to it such as the ability to take backup of selective tables, download backup in compressed (zip) format, online storage of backed up data, backup of knowledge base assets, language files backup and backup of configuration settings.
  9. Entirely New WYSIWYG Editor – The new WYSIWYG editor has plenty of improvements over its predecessor. Now, many new features have been added such as the ability to add YouTube Videos, Predefined CSS Styles, and Smilies for use on the article page.
  10. Category Selection Improvements – Earlier the selection of multiple categories required manually holding the CTRL key and then clicking on category names. Now, checkboxes have been added before category names to check/uncheck categories during the creation and update of knowledge base articles.
  11. Category Page Improvements – Paging has been added to the ‘Manage Categories’ page for the fast loading of categories.
  12. Multibyte Characters Fix – The multi-language edition has undergone several changes to fix the storage and display of multi-byte characters both in the articles as well as in glossary items. Now, glossary items can contain multi-byte characters and still auto-link perfectly when they appear in the article body.
  13. Superusers can now modify or delete the account of other superusers. It was not possible earlier due to security restrictions, since some customers reported that one superuser can modify or delete the accounts of other super users thus making them unable to access the admin section at all.
  14. Improvements in code for PHP 5.3.x
  15. Several minor changes, fixes, and code improvements.

Upgrading from v6.0 to v6.0.5

This upgrade can be purchased from the customer area. The upgrade package is available as both a Standard Upgrade and as a Modified Files package.

PHPKB v6.0.5 release notes