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Top 10 Benefits of a Knowledge Base

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In addition to storing content and information, a good knowledge base gives your company a strategic advantage. With an effective knowledge base, customers find the exact information they need - in an organized manner. PHPKB is a Knowledge base software for lightning-fast customer support and effortless self-service. With a knowledge base in place, you enable your customers to solve their problems independently and help your support teams decrease their response time.

Knowledge Base Software Benefits

The benefits of a knowledge base are far-reaching, ranging from offering a 24/7 self-service customer support facility to enabling employees to work from anywhere. Improved productivity, employee engagement, reduced knowledge loss, and better customer service are among the other benefits.

Whether you’re new to knowledge management or just considering a knowledge base for your organization, we’re happy to help.

With PHPKB’s knowledge management platform, users can create a dynamic knowledge base that contains documentation, FAQs, and individual expertise. A wide variety of files and media can be uploaded, information can be searched, and users can share knowledge.

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Help more people faster

Encourage self-service so that your customers can solve their problems anytime. Give your support teams a tool to significantly decrease the total case handling time. A knowledge base provides consistent access and availability to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the knowledge base is organized properly, customers will be able to find what they need on their own.

A knowledge base can be used internally (by employees) or externally (by customers). Companies might create a knowledge base to centralize their institutional knowledge and the collective intelligence of their employees, and they might create an external knowledge base to provide customers with how-to guides, best practices, and FAQs.

A public-facing knowledge base for customers

Some people want to find answers on their own. Provide 24/7 self-service, and give your customers and website visitors the answers they need, even with no support team around. There are high chances are that your customers try to find answers to their questions before they reach out to your support agents. A knowledge base helps them solve their problems at their own pace.

An internal knowledge base for support teams

Your support teams don’t have to memorize all the answers. They have the knowledge base to quickly look up the answers to customers’ questions as and when required. It’s absolutely ok not to have answers to every question. No one does, and your agents aren’t encyclopedias. A knowledge base has got them covered.

External help center

Build a comprehensive help center and allow customers to find the information they need without contacting your support team.

Improved knowledge management

Give your customers more ways to find the information they need whenever they want to contact your business. In today’s business world, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. The experience of talking to customer service has become too complex for many customers, and they seek a simpler alternative.

Self-service around the clock

A knowledge base gives customers that simple alternative by offering a self-service solution. Help your customers find answers to their questions on their own. Anytime! The main benefit of a knowledge base is its 24/7 availability. Your customers can access information whenever and wherever they need it. They do not have to wait until the morning to call for support for problems that they could have fixed with two clicks. If you have an audience across the globe and from different time zones, this is the best way to provide the customers with the required information at any time.

Internal knowledge management system

Speed up your support team’s response time by giving them easy access to your internal knowledge base.

More organic traffic

Implementing a well-structured and content-rich SEO-friendly knowledge base can get more potential customers by ranking higher in search results.

Reduced workload for support teams

Provide your customers with in-depth articles that will help them solve their problems without contacting your support team. The most significant benefit of knowledge base software is that it drastically reduces incoming customer queries. This saves your agents from answering the same questions again and again. Save your support team’s time and have them focus on more urgent tasks and deflect support tickets when customers are asking the same questions repeatedly.

Visualize your knowledge

It’s easier to show than tell. Add screenshots and explainer videos to make your articles more understandable.

Become Proactive

Reactive customer support is no longer enough if your end goal is to improve customer experience and build brand loyalty. You must be proactive and a well-structured knowledge base can take you from being reactive to proactive real soon. You can anticipate your customers’ needs and develop innovative ways to help them find solutions.

Improves Sales

If your users can easily find the answers to their own questions, that will in turn lead to more sales. No one will be put on hold with a knowledge base. No one will be transferred to another representative. A knowledge base is a one-stop shop for answers; customers can move on to make their purchases quickly.

Reports and insights

Quickly access the most important metrics and plan your updates accordingly. Find the most helpful articles, and improve the ones that are underperforming.

Everything in One Place

A solid knowledge base is a valuable resource for your support agents and your customers. With a knowledge base, you can consolidate all information in one place. This way, training new employees also becomes faster and cheaper.

Long-Term Benefits of a Knowledge Base

A knowledge base has been shown to increase productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement in organizations that have implemented it. Those benefits of a knowledge base have far-reaching effects. When employees are empowered to do their jobs faster and more efficiently, your company’s customers and partners also benefit.

Ready to make the jump? PHPKB includes all the benefits and features you need in a knowledge base. Try it today!

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