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Useful tips to help you write better knowledge base articles

Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minutes


Keep the title simple and specific to describe the content — but not so technical it cannot be easily understood. Try to be concise.


The abstract is short, but remember not to cram as much detail into it as possible. You want to grab the reader’s attention with the first statement.


When writing the introduction, pick out the things that are most relevant to your work and explain why, Present the background of your work while focusing on the most important issues.


  • Block out times for writing.
  • Consider having regularly scheduled times to write.
  • Choose the times according to when you tend to function best.


  • Avoid very long paragraphs and sentences. Nobody likes to read large chunks of text.
  • Consider using headings, bullets, italics and boldface (but don’t overuse these).
  • Use easy-to-understand graphics especially screenshots wherever required.


  • Before submitting your knowledge base article for approval, read the final version several times.
  • Seek feedback from knowledge base users.
Useful tips to help you write better knowledge base articles