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Hosted Knowledge Base Service - Answers to commonly asked questions

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Our hosted license is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to use our scripts, but does not want or cannot install them on their own hosting account.

Hosted License FAQs

What are the requirements?
There are no special requirements, since the script will be hosted on our server.

How long does it take to have the script set up?
It will take 12 to 24 hours to set up the script for you.

How can I access the admin panel for my script?
You will receive an email with your access details (user, password) and a link to your administration area so that you can login and manage your knowledge base content.

How to embed the script into my website?
Integrating a script is a very easy process - just copy/paste a few lines of code into the page you wish the knowledge base to appear on. You can also contact us and we’ll integrate it for free in your website.

Will I be able to access the administration panel from anywhere?
Yes, you only need a PC with a working Internet connection - regardless where you are.

I need something changed. Can you do it for me?
Yes! You can request any type of custom modifications. Just contact us and describe what you need.

Will you upgrade my script when new versions are available?
Yes, we will keep your script up to date and enhance it with all future functionalities we add to it and all such upgrades will be free of charge. No actions from your side are needed. You don’t have to worry - the upgrades will not affect your existing data in the knowledge base.

How secure is my data?
The admin panel of your script can only be accessed with the valid log-in details. Only authorized by you people will be able to get to it. Since your script will be hosted with us, we will will keep it safe from illicit third-party actions.

What’s included in the annual fee?
The annual subscription includes hosting, maintenance, technical support and any future updates and upgrades.

Am I bound to any contract?
You can cancel your subscription any time and take backup of all the data you have in your hosted KB so you can host it on your own server.

Can I use our own URL with your hosted service? Example:
Yes, you can have your own custom domain pointing to your hosted knowledge base. For this, you need to change the CNAME record of the sub-domain to point to hosted service URL. There are no extra charges for this setup.

Hosted Knowledge Base Service - Answers to commonly asked questions