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Knowledge Management Software as a Service

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Just think about all the information and expertise of everyone in your organization. What happens to the knowledge and wisdom of an employee when he leaves your organization? How do you bring all that knowledge and wisdom to the use of new employees and for existing staff when and where it’s needed? That is the main idea behind using knowledge management software in your organization. Knowledge management tools collect staff knowledge, company, and product information and organize it in a searchable format so that support agents and customers can quickly and easily find answers to their important questions.

We offer you a knowledge management system that goes well beyond the capabilities of conventional knowledge management software. PHPKB is a cloud-based application, also known as "SaaS (software as a service)". Its powerful knowledge management tools are easy to access anytime and from anywhere. The most important advantage of the PHPKB SaaS Model is that you don’t have to buy its owned license or the infrastructure to run it on as you would with on-premises knowledge management software. Instead, it’s available on an affordable monthly/annual subscription basis.

PHPKB’s Knowledge Management Software as a service lets you build a central repository of expertise and tried-and-true solutions. With this superior knowledge management tool at every agent’s fingertips, the end result is top-notch service and better customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Management Software as a Service