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Role of Knowledge Base Software in Call Centers

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Customer service is crucial for any business because by providing top-notch customer service, businesses recoup customer acquisition costs and cultivate a loyal following that refers customers, provides testimonials, reviews, and feedback for improvement. However, the loyalty of customers is influenced by their positive experiences, through good quality service.

Call Center Knowledge Base

Recent studies show that 93% of service teams agree that customers have higher expectations than ever before. Customers’ loyalty is based on quality and speed of service and hence, providing quick and quality service is the core mission of every organization. To achieve this target, an organization must equip their staff with the tools and information they need to provide better customer service. A base repository (call center knowledge base) of any organization sounds enough to stand abreast against competition even from unpredictable market sources to a huge extent. Providing quick and easy access to critical business information, support agents can find and relay it to customers in no time at all. This not only unlocks new efficiencies but also ensures the information handed out is consistent.

What is Call Center Knowledge Base?

A call center knowledge base is a variation of the standard knowledge base which is designed specifically for the requirements of a support call center. A call center knowledge base is designed specifically to simplify the job of customer support agents by helping them find the required information your customers want, fast.

The day-to-day job of call center executives (support agents) is to handle customer calls and provide timely solutions. For this, they need to access the company’s training documents, user manuals, SOP, etc. Without a call center knowledge base in place, they will search for information manually (sometimes through unreliable sources), resulting in inconsistent information and increased call times. 

A call center knowledge base is a centralized, on-premise, or cloud-based platform where knowledge in the form of guides and documents, is stored and can be accessed anytime and from any device. With an easy-to-use and fully searchable knowledge base tool such as PHPKB in hand, your support staff can rapidly identify the information the customer is looking for. This reduces the call hold time as your support staff doesn’t have to run from pillar to post to get information when they need it the most. All they need to do is refer to the call center knowledge base and resolve customer questions instantly.  When optimized and used effectively, this software can play a key role in delivering accurate, fast, and high-quality customer service.

How a Call Center Knowledge Base Helps in Delivering Better Customer Support?

A dedicated call center knowledge base helps businesses offer efficient and effective support to their customers. In old times, with limited information, it was easy for agents to remember the company knowledge and serve the customers. But, now with a plethora of business information, an agent can not be expected to behave as a supercomputer that can memorize and process all the information at its fingertips. With mounting expectations for excellent service, businesses need to create a knowledge base for call centers to:

  • streamline online knowledge management
  • provide customer agents with the right help to address customer concerns effectively.

But the benefits don’t just stop here.

Reduced Response Time

We cannot rule out the essence of time in delivering the solutions. The customers want a quick resolution to their queries which means your call center agents need to find the required information quickly. Therefore, it’s so important to have a system in place that categorizes information, making it easy to navigate and comes with an efficient searching tool. Most knowledge bases use a simple tagging system, allowing for information to be sorted into different pots and accessed accordingly. However, PHPKB knowledge base software organizes information in hierarchical structures which are easy to navigate and come with an intelligent search engine that can find relevant information from the repository in a fraction of seconds.  The intelligent full-text search engine not only finds the desired information from text, but it can also search in attached files such as word, excel, PowerPoint, HTML. Moreover, it has the capability to search the text from the images via OCR.

  • With an effective knowledge base, you can retrieve information quickly.
  • Have a seamless search for quick access to information.
  • Save search time that could be wasted in screen toggling and hence, reduces response time.

Improved Quality of Support

The quality of the support you deliver will play a significant role in the satisfaction of your customers. With call center knowledge base software, support executives know where to look when they need information. If they don’t have access to the critical information they really need, then they’re likely to search for information from easily available resources resulting in inconsistent information. This will deliver dissatisfaction. With a call center knowledge base at their fingertips, they have access to an entire repository of information that has been developed by the very best professionals within your organization. This easy access enables them to act as liaisons between your experts and your customers and helps ensure optimal value is delivered quickly and efficiently. 

Fill the Knowledge Gaps

A call center knowledge base is designed to centralize the key information within the business into a single location. In this process, businesses quickly audit what is known within the business and if the right skills and knowledge exist internally in order to meet customer expectations. If there are queries raised regularly by customers that go unanswered, then it may be worth investing in the expertise required in order to fill the gap. An efficient call center knowledge base tool gives you a clear picture of your knowledge base performance through insightful reports. Reports like which articles are performing well and which need revision and keywords that led to successful searches and those that did not yield results help you find missing information areas of your knowledge base. 

Ease in Knowledge Sharing

Call center knowledge base software provides a common platform where your teams can contribute knowledge. For instance, whenever a support executive resolves a user query, he can pool it in the centralized knowledge base which can be used by other fellow agents later on. Through PHPKB knowledge base software, you can assign roles-based permissions such as writer, trusted-writers, editors, superusers to your agents. Roles make sure that data posted is relevant and accurate; for example, entry-level agents can be made writers, and content posted by them should be moderated by experienced staff having roles of editor or superuser.

  • Build knowledge collaboratively
  • To grant or revoke access any time
  • Group-based permissions to hide or display content 

Proficient Training

With new call center executives being hired, it is hard to train each individual, and training can take up a lot of productive time. A knowledge base can serve it all. Using the correct knowledge base software, you can use it as a learning management system to train and onboard new support agents. The call center knowledge base can have all the data such as business processes, manuals that newcomers can go through before actually being in operation. 

Call Center knowledge Management Best Practices

The efficiency of a call center knowledge base is, to a large extent, determined by how well it is managed. To deliver value to customers, a knowledge base needs to be managed properly. Some are as follows:

  • Be clear with the objective of your call center.
  • Design article templates to maintain consistency and standardize the content – including content layout, design, and organization.
  • Make sure the knowledge base is easily accessible by all support executives. 
  • Emphasize knowledge sharing; motivate employees to share tacet knowledge. 
  • Mirror customer terminology in the knowledge you generate.
  • Avoid overloading the knowledge system.
  • Ensure to regularly update knowledge base so that customers always get up-to-date information. 


A call center knowledge base helps your company in going one step ahead in meeting the expectations of customers. 

  • Reduces agent response time. 
  • Helps in knowledge sharing and filling the information gaps. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Consistent responses - avoiding any confusion and errors.


If you want to create a self-service knowledge base for your customers to get answers to their queries fast and an internal call center knowledge base for your support agents to answer the customer queries quickly, PHPKB is the best knowledge base management software that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create a knowledge base.  

Role of Knowledge Base Software in Call Centers