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Document your best practices and solutions to common problems with PHPKB knowledge base software. Save thousands of dollars and precious time in support by offering your users a self-service knowledge base.

PHPKB is an advanced knowledge base software to help you reduce support tickets & scale customer support. PHPKB offers everything you need to run a secure knowledge base. More than 5,000 customers trust PHPKB with their knowledge data. Enterprise-grade security features and comprehensive audits of networks, systems, and regulatory compliances protect our product and platform. You can utilize PHPKB in your business environment:

  • as a pre-sales tool, answering questions about your products for your potential customers.

  • to provide training for new staff to ensure they get the same information time and time again.

  • as a reference knowledge base for your support staff in helping the customers with their problems.

Most Powerful Knowledge Base Software

We believe in simplicity. We believe it's unnecessary for you to spend ridiculous amount of time just to master a product that supposedly helps you do something as simple as serving your customers! PHPKB can be setup in under 10 minutes and it comes with an interface that looks neat and is super-easy to use.

  • Help Customers Help Themselves

    PHPKB provides your customers with better Self-Service. Empower your customers and lower the support costs.

  • One single platform to manage all content

    Makes easier for your customers & staff to search and access the most up-to-date product information.

  • Full Featured WYSIWYG Content Editor

    Allows you to quickly create and edit your knowledge base articles as if you were using a word processor.

  • Version History to Keep Records

    We automatically save document version history for you. Everything is recorded and revertable.

Help Customers Help Themselves

Self-Service Knowledge Base

One single platform to manage all content

Knowledge Base Platform

Full Featured WYSIWYG Content Editor

WYSIWYG Content Editor

Version History to Keep Records

Version History


PHPKB is the most popular knowledge base software that keeps information organized, accessible, and easy to manage for internal teams and external customers. Our knowledge base software will help you at once on three fronts: self-service customer support, employee knowledge empowerment, and, critically, information access to your customers. Actively developed since its first release in 2005, it is built to help you and your team continuously improve your content, keep it up to date, and serve it to your customers.

Our Features

Knowledge Base Software Features

Knowledge Base Software Benefits

A well-organized knowledge base system improves staff efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business service quality. Set up your knowledge management system with PHPKB and help your organization retain critical information, boost employee productivity and more.

Who Uses PHPKB?

Some of the most well-known companies, government organizations, universities and non-profit institutions use PHPKB to share knowledge, reduce customer support time, increase staff productivity and cut training costs. Have a look at some of our prestigious clients that proudly use PHPKB to manage their knowledge base.

About Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB is a knowledge base software that allows you to easily create & manage knowledge base content so that you can run a complete knowledge base system with unlimited categories and sub-categories. User Features includes Browse Categories (browse titles and descriptions), Search Articles (search by keyword and/or category), View articles by Most Popular, Most Viewed, Latest 10 Articles, Featured Articles, Related Articles, Print Article and Options like Email Article To Friend, Save Article to Favorites, Export Article to PDF and DOC Formats, provide feedback via comments and ratings, etc. With hundreds of options, PHPKB is a complete knowledge base software that is easy to install and customize.

A knowledge base is designed to organize and present your most common customer questions or problems and an explanation of how to solve them. A knowledge base usually stores troubleshooting information, how-to articles, user manuals, and answers to frequently asked questions. So, instead of answering the same question over and over, you can save time and money by directing customers to a online knowledge base before having them submit or open a ticket or call support directly. Do you know? A knowledge base can also keep customers updated with news, announcements, release information, and product updates.

Knowledge is power. Using it is powerful.

Support teams know the most about customer issues and the best way to solve them. That’s why a knowledge base is a crucial part of any company’s customer experience strategy. It organizes frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more, and empowers customers and agents with that information. PHPKB is a smart knowledge base software. It’s built to help you and your team continuously improve your content, keep it up to date, and serve it to your customers. Optimized programming code allows users to achieve the best performance and build a knowledge base that can easily handle over 10,000 articles.

Open Source Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB is a knowledge base software that has been designed to provide a complete knowledge management solution for your business. It is developed in PHP with MySQL database at the backend and comes with full source code that is not encrypted or encoded. The source code is fully commented and you can modify it according to your requirements as per the terms and conditions of the License Agreement. You can use it as a stand-alone knowledge base system or within your Help Desk, CRM System, Call Centre, Service Centre or Company Intranet, to help provide quick, accurate answers to your staff, customers, visitors, and business clients for their queries regarding your products and/or services. Allow your customers/visitors/staff and business clients access to the answers of frequently asked questions via a self-help manner in a straightforward way by giving them 24x7 access to the online knowledge base without the need to talk to your support staff. This way you can reduce your customer support time and utilize your staff's precious time in other productive activities of the company

Knowledge Base Modules

PHPKB offers everything you need to manage your knowledge base.

Applications of Knowledge Base Software

Create & manage knowledge base documentation effectively to reduce support tickets, increase productivity, improve user experience and scale your customer support operations; these are the major advantages of using knowledge base software. PHPKB Knowledge Base Software enables your teams to create, maintain, and easily publish knowledge articles. With answers available upfront via a knowledge base, your customers will solve problems themselves reducing the number of tickets you have to answer.

Customer Service Support Department: The new system will provide Support agents with more detailed, accurate, and up-to-date product information. They will be informed of customers more quickly and they will have faster access to the knowledge articles. The new system should reduce the workload of Customer Service as customers are able to find the information, they need from the website in a self-help manner.

Product Manager: Knowledge Managers will be able to maintain the data about the content directly. This will eliminate delays in getting new products or changed product specifications into the system.

Marketing Department: Having a centralized repository of all the marketing material, manuals, latest offers, pre-sales questions in digital format using a knowledge-base for the marketing department will make them more productive.

Location: The system will be available to any potential customer using the Internet. Your employees may also use the system from any location and will be able to access private areas of the knowledge base through a password protection scheme.

What are the benefits of a knowledge base to your business?

Reduce your staffing levels as a result, or take on more customers and clients with the same number of staff. Knowledge will always be part of the business operations. You can utilize PHPKB knowledge base software in your business environment:

  • as a pre-sales tool, answering questions about your products for your potential customers.
  • to provide training for new staff to ensure they get the same information time and time again.
  • as a reference knowledge base for your call center staff to assist them in helping the customers with their problems.

The possibilities are endless!

Learn more by exploring knowledge base software benefits or features. Want to see PHPKB in action? Try a free demo.

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