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Find out complete details of the on-premise (self-hosted) license of PHPKB knowledge base software

PHPKB is a on-premise knowledge base software used by the world's biggest organizations for their internal and external knowledge base needs. You buy it. You own it. A one-time cost and the on-premise license (also known as self-hosted license or a perpetual license) of PHPKB knowledge base software comes ready for installation on your server. It comes with complete source code and you can modify the code to suit your own requirements as long as you abide by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement (EULA). The source code is not encoded.

Our technicians will help you with any technical issues. The on-premise license comes with 12 months of free support. Please make sure that your server meets the system requirements for running PHPKB software.

What is On-Premise Software?

On-premise software is a type of software delivery model that is installed and operated from a customer's in-house server and computing infrastructure – as opposed to running remotely on hosted servers or in the cloud. On-Premise simply means that the systems that you are using are managed by your own team, on your own servers. You are responsible for the security, user access, data backup, and upgrades.

Reasons why the Self-Hosted license may be right for you

Advantages of Self-Hosted Knowledge Base Software

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