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Best Knowledge Management Practices

A collection of best practices for knowledge management to get the most out of your knowledge base.


Best Practices for Knowledge Sharing

A collection of the best practices for knowledge management in order to get the best results from your knowledge base system.

Increase Level of Comprehension

When you are using the knowledge base software to provide in depth knowledge to internal staff or external users, remember that you have to increase the level of comprehension the deeper the knowledge gets. Nobody enjoys reading through a lot of information only to come away with the exact same amount of knowledge they started with. Make sure you're answering questions, offering solutions, and educating the consumer. This will help launch a much better self help knowledge base that is truly appreciated by your customers.

Proper Categorization of Knowledge

It is always recommended to setup a systematic and properly categorized knowledge base to help your customers find the information they are looking for in an easy way. This includes proper organization of main (parent) categories, sub (child) categories, documents/articles, attachment files, and anything else that is relevant to your knowledge base.

Using Media Files for Knowledge Sharing

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, reaching out to the customers need for information through a variety of media platforms makes your knowledge base much more complete. Sometimes, it is best to have a video for knowledge sharing than to write an article but when it comes to explaining a series of steps, your customers/users might want to take a print-out of the information for reference. So, it is up to you to decide what suits best for the knowledge to be shared.

Updating Information Consistently

Customers have paid for your products or services. They are often very curious to get everything from a service that they can, and using the tools that you offer. So, consistently updating the available information is highly recommended. This way those who return a second and third time as they attempt to straighten out their issue on their own may find you hit the right posting just when they needed it. The greater the access is to information the more your customers will seek it on their own.

Learning from Customers' Feedback

The feedback features available in PHPKB knowledge base software allow the users to provide their feedback about the information in your knowledge base. So, keep an eye on the feedback submitted to know what they like or dislike. This will help to figure out what areas of your knowledge base need improvement and where you are doing good. Most of the time you can get a lot of the necessary information that you need to provide through the feedback analysis. So, learn from the feedback in order to improve quality of content in your knowledge base.

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