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PHPKB is best but don't take our words for it

Knowledge base is one of the critical tools for both customer support and internal knowledge management. That’s why Сomindware always aim to use the best technology available and do periodic market reviews to make sure we are using the latest and the most advanced tools. PHPKB let us look no further - it stands out amongst competition and has everything we currently need, and more. It lets us manage public articles, FAQs and documents, as well as private areas for select customers to provide personalized project documentation, training materials etc. It also features multi-language support so we don’t even need to worry about maintaining several instances of it for different markets. How cool is that!


I have spent hundreds of dollars buying and trying different software products and simply couldn't find what fit my needs. That is, until I found PHPKB knowledge base software. I've been using it for several months and I am extremely satisfied with this software product. It is easy to use, easy to modify and VERY stable. Believe you me, when you have tried as many software applications as I have, it becomes very easy to put an application to the test. I mean, doing every thing possible to make it fail or generate errors. I have tested this software thoroughly and have determined that it is very stable and error-free. My hat is off to the team of developers at Chadha Software Technologies. Thank you for developing a great software application. I am a very satisfied customer of your knowledge base software.


We were looking for a Knowledge base solution for IS/IT organization (Software and Hardware support). The main goal was to improve process of knowledge sharing and encourage people to publish the content. We are glad to have found PHPKB knowledge base software. It served our purpose very well and there was nothing that it could not do. It has everything plus a lot more than we can expect in a knowledge base software solution. We would definitely recommend PHPKB to any serious business in search for a knowledge base management system.


PHPKB knowledge base software has been such a fantastic tool for us Integration was easy, and we were up and running within minutes. KB reports and article analytics are great, and the powerful WYSIWYG editor allows us to quickly and easily integrate videos, images and other media files in our KB articles. Our customer service is much more efficient now. Managing a support knowledge base was never this easier.


My experience with PHPKB knowledge base software goes back several years. I've had a few KB programs over the years because I create and manage multiple websites. I recently made the decision to have all of our KB's convert to PHPKB (after major security flaws were found in some others) and I've been very, very pleased. They were generous to import data from existing KB to PHPKB for free of cost. The support has been excellent, too. I think you'll be very happy with your decision if you go with it.


This is one of the best tools we've ever added to our site. We have already added this knowledge base system to many of our client's sites and recommend it to anyone needing a highly flexible, easy to integrate knowledge base software. Need convincing, feel free to call me.


I am contacting you to let you know PHPKB is brilliant. Up to now, We have been using Knowledge Manager for managing our knowledge base but your product offers so much more and has a much friendlier interface. Installation was like a breeze and thank you for the special import module to safely migrate all KB data from Knowledge Manager to PHPKB. You really have a great knowledge base software.


Answered all my questions almost instantly. I went ahead and purchased the PHPKB knowledge base software immediately. They installed the software on my site within 15 mins. Their support far exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work!


What can we say except that the PHPKB tool is the best. Period. Before we implemented it locating useful information both for internal use & for our customers was becoming increasingly difficult. Now we have a logical structure to our data which means that staff & customers alike can quickly & easily find what they are looking for. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in both staff performance & customer satisfaction. We could not ask for more.

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