Help & Support Widget

Embedding support across all channels, devices, and environments — reduces the effort required to get help.

Help & Support Widget

The customers have to move to the FAQ section of your website to find the answers to their questions. But, how easy it would be for your customers if they could find solutions to their queries where they are? Now, this is possible with PHPKB's Help & Support Widget.

What is the benefit of creating a knowledge base if your customers cannot find it? This widget will make sure your customers have a one-click access to the knowledge stored in your knowledge base no matter where they are on your website.

This is contextual addon for our Knowledge Base Software. The widget is a small button that can be easily installed on your site, giving your customers a simple way to search your knowledge base and contact you. This widget can be embedded on your website/app allowing customers to access knowledge base articles anywhere on the site without reloading the page.

Deliver Help 24/7, right within your app or website

Do you know 95% of users will leave your app if they can’t find the answers to their questions in less than 1 minute? With our Help & Support Widget, you can embed your Knowledge Base within your app/website. It won’t be hard to find!

Support Widget Features
  • Embeddable JavaScript Widget
  • Installs as a plugin in your existing PHPKB knowledge base license
  • Built-in contact form for customers to raise support ticket
  • Configure the widget button placement (bottom left or bottom right)
  • Customize your widget’s look and feel (icon and colour)
  • All widget usage statistics are recorded and can be viewed in admin area
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly layout
Support Widget Benefits
  • Instant contextual help, 24/7
  • Reduce customer support tickets
  • Increase conversions and revenue
  • Improve trust, leads and sales
  • Boost user engagement
  • Deliver lasting customer success
PHPKB Support Widget in Action (Video)

Where will the PHPKB Help & Support Widget work?

Our help & support widget is an embeddable element that will work pretty much anywhere on the web, provided you can install a small snippet of JavaScript code. To add the support widget to your website, insert your code snippet just above the tag in your site's source code. After you've done that you will see the widget button added to every page of your website.

If you need to do something custom (e.g., deliver content in a native mobile app, or have the knowledge base search results mixed in with your sites main search), we have a public API (in enterprise edition) that you can use to search, browse, and load content however you see fit.

How does Support Widget helps in improving the conversions (leads/sales)?

Most of the people would abandon an online purchase if they don't get an instant answer to their specific query. And, it would be very costly to have a human to work for live chat on your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PHPKB's Help Widget intelligently delivers instant contextual support automatically, right within your app/website for 365 days a year.

Support Widget (Admin Area)
Support Widget Statistics

Support Widget Cost

Priced at just $150, get your copy of the PHPKB Help & Support Widget to get more sales & reduce support tickets without changing your product or workflow.

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