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We offer knowledge base migration service to seamlessly migrate your content from other knowledge bases to PHPKB.

What is Knowledge Base Migration?

It is defined as the process of moving knowledge base data from one location to another or one knowledge base management platform to another. This process generaly involves automated and manual conversion of knowledge base data from one format to make it compatible with the database structure of another platform.

Knowledge Base Data Migration

Switch to PHPKB

We understand that you are fedup of your old-school knowledge base tool and wish to switch to a modern knowledge base management system like PHPKB, however, you are concerned about data migration from existing knowledge base. While your concern is valid, we assure you to provide the best quality migration service. We have programmed import scripts for all the major knowledge base management systems which make switching to PHPKB really easy! That's not all, if you own a commercial license of any competitor's product, we will gladly offer you flat 15% discount. PHPKB knowledge management software is intuitive and extremely easy to use. Make the switch today and establish yourselves as the pioneers of good customer support. Reduce expenditures on support and also get a smoother data migration experience.

Supported Platforms

We can import your existing knowledge base from pretty much any platform. We have developed migration scripts to make this process seamless. We have listed some of the knowledge base platforms from which we can migrate customers to PHPKB.

If your knowledge base platform is not listed above, you need not to worry. We support content migration from 100+ Knowledge base platforms.

Are you worried about the migration?

With PHPKB you don’t have to worry about migration of your existing knowledge base data. We’ll complete the entire migration process for you seamlessly, so you can focus on other productive tasks.

Migration Request Form

You’ve made the right choice! Just provide us the details of your current knowledge base platform, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our staff would make sure the knowledge base migration process is hassle free for you. For any other enquiries, please contact us.

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