Knowledge Management Challenges

Overcome KM challenges to capture, manage, and share valuable knowledge across the organization.

Why Use Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge Management can solve real business problems and generate significant ROI but only when it uses knowledge stored in many forms and places and only when it automatically delivers knowledge where needed, when needed.

Every day visitors arrive to your website but how many of them become customers? This in large depends on how quickly and effectively you can assist them with any questions they might have about your service or product. You may have amazing how-to guides, tutorials, and other useful resources for your customers, but if they are not able to find them, it'll be of no use. That’s why companies have started relying on knowledge management to help customers with things like onboarding on the essential features of the product, troubleshooting problems, or even guiding them through advanced practices.

PHPKB knowledge management software helps you create a centralized repository of support solutions so that users can find answers to their questions in a self-help manner. Help your website visitors when they are lost or have questions, stand out in the competitive marketplace by providing superior customer service with a support knowledge base powered by PHPKB software.

Support organizations today, whether they are help desks or technical support groups, need to be connected to the right information. Having the right information is just one part of the equation; the other part is enabling analysts and subject matter experts to access, maintain, and share this information. This is where the knowledge management software comes into play. Knowledge management system must enable both external and internal users/resources to perform more efficiently and give support agents access to the information they need to resolve problems. PHPKB Knowledge Management Software provides the platform and tools to harvest information from your most skilled, knowledgeable workers.

Business Need
  • Reduce support and training costs
  • Capture, manage, and maintain valuable knowledge across the organization
  • Empower end users with tools that help them solve common and repetitive issues
  • Provide consistent and repeatable knowledge transfer within your organization
Our Solution

PHPKB Knowledge Management Software improves staff efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business service quality. It provides the platform and required tools to harvest information from your most skilled, knowledgeable workers.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Cuts IT costs without sacrificing quality service to internal and external customers
  • Helps IT personnel stay informed on diverse, ever-changing technologies
  • Conquers long call times, lengthy resolutions, and inconsistent or outdated solutions
  • Empowers analysts to find the information in the knowledge base they need accurately and quickly
  • Enables you to support new technologies quickly and capture new knowledge for future use
  • Provides best practice knowledge base authoring with extensive rich-text HTML editing tools

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