Compare PHPKB vs Competitors

A side-by-side comparison between PHPKB software and other competitor knowledge base solutions available.

Comparison of Knowledge Base Software Solutions

This page provides a side-by-side comparison between our knowledge base software and its major competitors. The following table compares general and technical information for a number of knowledge management software packages. It contains valuable information for decision-makers to help them figure out which is the best knowledge base software for their company.

Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3
Free Technical Support Period 12 Months 12 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Hosted (Cloud/SaaS)
Owned (On-Premise/In-House)
Product Customization Service Offered
Fully Responsive Software Design
Mobile-Friendly Software
Full Source Code Offered
Group-based Access To Private Areas
Group-based Category Access to Admin Users
Group-based Category Access to Member Users
Multi-Language Knowledge Base System
Tickets Management
News & Announcements
Databases Supported
Microsoft SQL Server Support
MySQL Support
LDAP Authentication
Single Sign-On (SSO) Facility
Microsoft Active Directory
Novell eDirectory
Posix Account RFC2307
Posix Account RFC2307BIS
Samba Account
Map LDAP Groups with PHPKB User-Groups
Sync Account Details
Articles Management
Unlimited Articles
WYSIWYG Editor for Authoring Articles
Email Articles
Article Custom Fields
Markdown Support
Custom Fields as Mandatory Input (Optional)

Custom Field Types

Text Field
Drop-down Select Menu
Checkboxes (Multi-Selection)
Article Versions History
Rollback to Previous Article Versions
Trash Box for Deleted Articles
Deleted Articles Recovery
Article Assignment to Multiple Categories
Enable/Disable Related Articles
Article Meta Keywords
Article Meta Description
Unlimited Article File Attachments N/A N/A
Show/Hide Articles
Featured Articles N/A N/A
Saved Drafts for Unfinished Articles
Article Subscription
Enable/Disable Comments for Individual Articles
Enable/Disable Rating for Individual Articles
Article Publish Date N/A N/A
Article Expiry Date
Remove Expiry Date
Article Linking
Article Templates N/A N/A
Article Change Log
Compare Article Versions N/A N/A
Lock Articles for Further Changes N/A
Custom Fields
Number of Custom Fields Unlimited Unlimited
Search in Custom Fields
Required Custom Fields (Mandatory Input)
Custom Field Types    
Text Field
Drop-down Menu (Single Selection)
Checkboxes (Multiple Selection)
Feedback Options
Enable/Disable Article Comments
Comments Moderation
Auto-approve Comments
Anti-bot CAPTCHA Protection
Enable/Disable Article Ratings
Reporting & Statistics
Search Engine Referrals
Knowledge Base Traffic Statistics
Article Statistics    
Articles Summary Report
Most Popular Articles
Most Discussed Articles (with comments)
Most Shared Articles (via email to friend)
Most Printed Articles
Top Rated Articles
Monthly Report (New & Updated Articles)
Category Statistics    
Categories Summary Report
Most Popular Categories
Empty Categories (with no articles)
Search Statistics    
Search Summary
Popular Search Queries
Failed Search Queries
User Statistics    
Knowledge Base Users Summary
Most Popular Authors
Most Contributing Authors
Most Active Users
Search Engine Optimizations
SEO Friendly URLs
User Friendly URLs
Sitemap Generation (XML, HTML & TXT Formats)
Store Backup on Server
Download Backup Files
Manual Backup
Backup Configuration Settings
Backup Selective Database Tables
Backup Knowledge Base Assets

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