On Premise Vs Cloud Knowledge Base

Which license is right for your knowledge base system?

We are hearing a lot about how the Cloud is benefitting businesses of all shapes and sizes and across all industries. There is no doubt that being able to do away with onsite management of business critical systems has changed the technology landscape.

However, before implementing new software, or moving an existing one onto the Cloud, there are things that you should consider. As with anything, what’s right for other businesses might not be right for you. Whether you host systems, such as your Customer Relationship Management or Enterprise Resource Management solutions, onsite or in the Cloud depends on a number of factors, such as budget, level of control required, and in-house expertise available.

On Premise Vs Cloud – What’s right for your knowledge base system?

The Cloud is offering many benefits to businesses of all sizes and across all industries but is it right for you? Before making a switch to the Cloud, there are some things that you need to consider, both Cloud and On-Premise models have their own advantages.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud offers you the option to access business critical systems via the internet, from wherever you are. Given below are some of the PROS and CONS of cloud service.

What is On Premise?

On-Premise simply means that the systems that you are using are managed by your own team, on your own servers. You are responsible for the security, user access, and upgrades. Given below are some of the PROS and CONS of on-premise service.


Cloud Subscriptions have a lower initial price but cost more over time and stop working if you do not renew. Perpetual Licenses cost more up-front, less over time, and never expire. Once you have decided which license type you want to purchase, you can place your order on our online SSL secure order form.

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