Knowledge Base Software Examples

Check out the examples of our knowledge base software "live in action" on customers’ websites.

Live Examples of PHPKB Software

PHPKB knowledge base software is being used by many businesses and professionals in different industries. See how other businesses are taking advantage of our knowledge base software.

This page provides references of our customers’ live knowledge bases and FAQs powered by PHPKB Knowledge Base Software. Not to mention, PHPKB is already in use by over 5000 small businesses, universities, non-profits and enterprise organizations. Check out the live examples below:

Siteserving Knowledge Base Design

Examples of PHPKB integrated within customer websites.

PHPKB knowledge base software can be fully integrated in your website using your website's header and footer and we offer free technical support for that as well. You can see some examples of PHPKB knowledge management software integrated within customer websites using their own header and footer at the links below. Some of the links contain highly customized examples of PHPKB software.

Examples of Customized Knowledge Base Systems

Elma Knowledge Base Design

Argeweb Knowledge Base Design

Comindware Knowledge Base Design

Knowledge Base Software Design

Vetorfarma Knowledge Base Theme

Backupvault Knowledge Base Design

Atrixware Knowledge Base Layout

PHPKB Knowledge Base RTL Layout (Hebrew Language)

Knowledge Base RTL Layout

Another Customized Example of PHPKB Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Base System Example

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