Knowledge Base Software Customers

A list of prestigious customers that proudly use PHPKB knowledge management software.


Our Prestigious Customers

We are the leading provider of Knowledge Management Software Solution for customer support and customer-facing organizations. Our knowledge management software "PHPKB" is successfully deployed with telecom operators, cable & satellite TV broadcasters, financial institutions, pharma & healthcare companies, logistics service providers, public sector organizations, hi-tech corporations, transportation and aviation companies, and many more.

Who uses PHPKB Knowledge Base Software?

PHPKB knowledge base software is being used by many businesses and professionals in different industries. See how other businesses are taking advantage of our knowledge base software. The ever-growing list of the proud customers of PHPKB knowledge base software is huge and it would not be possible to fit all of them in a single page. So, have a look at some of our prestigious clients that proudly use PHPKB to manage their knowledge base.

Government Organizations
Government Knowledge Base Software Customers

Educational Institutions
Educational Knowledge Base Software Customers

Other Prestigious Customers
Knowledge Base Software Customers

Telecom Knowledge Base Software Customers

Healthcare Knowledge Base Software Customers

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