Cloud Subscription Vs. Perpetual License

A comparison to help you decide and select the best license type for your knowledge base. Learn about the Cloud Subscription vs. Perpetual License options for PHPKB software.

Perpetual Licenses (also known as on-premises license or self-hosted license) are how most software has been acquired until now. There is an initial cost to purchase a license, plus an annual Subscription cost that entitles the owner to all updates and technical support. For example, a Perpetual License of PHPKB Enterprise (MySQL) edition with 1 Admin user as of July 2021 will cost you $515 plus $135 per year support & maintenance subscription i.e. $650 in total.

Cloud Subscriptions can be thought of as "renting" a software license month-to-month or year-to-year. This type of license is also referred to as SaaS (software-as-a-service) model. With a cloud subscription, you pay either a monthly or annual price that includes software, server hosting, all updates and technical support. A cloud subscription of PHPKB Enterprise (MySQL) edition with 1 Admin user as of July 2021 is $49.95 per month OR $528.95 per year.

Cloud vs On-Premise License

Difference between Cloud vs On-Premises Software License

The biggest difference between these two systems is how they are deployed.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Which license type shall we opt for?


Cloud Subscriptions have a lower initial price but cost more over time and stop working if you do not renew. Perpetual Licenses cost more up-front, less over time, and never expire. Once you have decided which license type you want to purchase, you can place your order on our SSL secure order form.

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