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PHPKB 9.5 Upgrade Instructions

Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minutes


  1. Generate the backup of your existing PHPKB (v6.x / v7.x / v8.0 / v9.0) Database.
  2. Create a new database on your server and import the backed-up database (you have taken Step 1 ).
  3. Upload the version 9.5 package to your server.
  4. Copy all the files & folders from the "/assets/" folder from your old knowledge base and put it under the same folder in the v9.5 package.
  5. Copy all the files from your old knowledge base's "/uploads/" folder and put them under the same one in the v9.5 package.
  6. Run the installer of version 9.5 by accessing its folder through any web browser. For example
  7. Choose the Upgrade option during installation.
  8. Supply details as requested and complete the upgrade.
  9. Copy all the files (except en.php) from the “/languages/” folder from your old knowledge base and put them under the same location in a new package then configure all translation variables (that are missing) in all the existing languages (except English).
    Note: This step applies to Multi-Language editions only and if you are not using any Multi-Language edition then simply skip this step.
  10. LDAP Authentication only: If you were using the LDAP Authentication in the old version then you would have to transfer those settings from the old version to the new version (v9.5) as explained below:
    1. Open the configuration.php file (that you have in the old version), and copy the following section:
      // ------------------------------ Start of LDAP Settings ----------------------------------

      // ------------------------------ End of LDAP Settings ----------------------------------
      (i.e. everything inside this block)
    2. Paste it at the end of the configuration.php file (of the new version). 
    3. Save the new configuration file.

That’s all! You’re done!

PHPKB 9.5 Upgrade Instructions