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Palwinder Singh

Palwinder Singh

Palwinder possesses a unique combination of technical expertise, writing ability, and problem-solving skills. Being the lead software architect, he has strong project management skills, as well as experience in creating user-friendly, intuitive software interfaces and the ability to design complex systems.

How to bulk load users into the knowledge base?

There is a facility to bulk load (import) users in your knowledge base powered by PHPKB Software. You can bulk import users into PHPKB through the CSV Import section that can be accessed via: Admin Dashboard > Tools > Import Data > CSV... Read More

Featured articles not showing up as Featured

Problem We have 12 articles marked as Featured. But when I go to our home page and click to see Featured articles, I only see 5. Solution You may need to adjust a setting to display the desired number of articles on the Home page. Here are the... Read More

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