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Support Subscription Renewal - Commonly Asked Questions

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Question 1: What does the renewal cost? Is it 1 year or do you have for more than 1 year? If so what will be the savings if renewed for more than a year?

Answer: Renewal cost is 20% of the actual license cost OR $135 (whichever is higher) for a 1-year support subscription. You can buy up to 3 years of support subscription at the maximum. We offer a 20% discount on buying support subscription for 3 years and a 10% discount on buying 2 years of support subscription.

Question 2: What if we choose to renew this support period after the expiry? Will the cost remain the same?

Answer: We offer 2 months grace period to renew the support after expiry date. After that, there is a fine of $25/month and if the customer does not renew for 6 months after expiry then he/she is not entitled to buy support renewal at all. In that event, the customer has to purchase upgrade to the latest release of that time in order to be eligible for support.

Question 3: If we renew after the expiry of support period, will the support period take effect from the date of renewal?

Answer: No, the support period takes effect from the date of the last expiry.

Support Subscription Renewal - Commonly Asked Questions