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Ticket Departments

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What are ticket departments?

Ticket departments in a knowledge base system are organizational units within the customer support or service framework, designed to categorize and route customer inquiries, issues, or support tickets to the most appropriate team or individual specialized in that area. These departments are structured around various functions, product lines, or service areas to streamline the support process, ensuring that customer issues are addressed by the most qualified and knowledgeable personnel.

For example, a software company might have ticket departments for technical support, billing inquiries, product feedback, and general information. When a customer submits a ticket through the knowledge base or support portal, the ticket can be automatically or manually assigned to the relevant department based on the issue's nature. This system helps in managing the support workload efficiently, improving response times, and enhancing the overall customer service experience by ensuring that inquiries are handled by experts in that particular domain.

How to create a ticket department?

  1. Login to admin control panel with editor or superuser account.
  2. Navigate to Tickets > Departments section in the left sidebar. You'll see the following screen.

    Ticket Departments

  3. In the "Add Department" Panel, specify the department name you wish to add and select visibility (Yes/No).
  4. Check the "Department Email(s)?" checkbox if you would like to be notified when new tickets are posted in that department. When checked, the "Email Addresses" field will get enabled where you can specify the emails to receive notifications about new tickets.
  5. Finally, click on "Save Department" button to save the department.

Managing Departments

  1. Select the department from the displayed records and click on the "Action" button. Based on your choice, you can edit or delete the record.

    Managing Ticket Departments

  2. If you select 'edit,' the department information will be displayed in a form. Based on your choice, you can edit the name, visibility, and department emails.

    Editing Department in a Knowledge Base
  3. After editing the information, click the "Save Department" button to update.
Ticket Departments