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Gurjeet Kaur

Gurjeet Kaur

Ticket History

Ticket History is used for the end users to track the progress of all their submitted tickets. All the user’s recent tickets are displayed in "My Tickets" section, along with the status, last replier, priority and last updated date. Users can... Read More

General Settings

Tools section contains a list of various configuration settings related to your knowledge base. To manage these settings expand "Tools" section of the left navigation bar and click on "Manage Settings" as shown below: Manage Settings  is... Read More

Features of WYSIWYG editor

PHPKB knowledge base software provides a powerful WYSIWYG editor with supported features to format your content just like MS-Word. Articles and News can be created using WYSIWYG editor in the knowledge base. This editor is more stable, user-friendly,... Read More

Deleting a language file

In the multi-language edition of PHPKB software, Superuser can purge a language file ( except English ) from knowledge base as English is default language. For this, Click Manage link under Languages section of left navigation bar to open 'Manage... Read More

Translating language files

In the multi-language edition of PHPKB knowledge base software, Superusers or Translators can edit or translate language files. Expand Languages section of the left navigation bar and click on "Manage" link to open 'Manage Languages' page. ... Read More

Managing Languages

In this section, you can learn how to access and manage language files (self-created/default) available in the multi-language edition of PHPKB Knowledge base software. Superusers can expand Languages section in left navigation bar and click Manage... Read More

Assigning languages to translators

Superuser can assign the language(s) to any translator so that he can access the admin control panel to complete the translation job assigned to him. Moreover, superusers can revoke the translation right back from translator if required. This... Read More

Adding a language translator account

Translators are admin users who are responsible for translating  PHPKB front-end into your custom language. This user level is only available in multi-language versions of PHPKB software. Translators are not allowed to access any other sections... Read More

Adding a new language

Multi-Language (ML) Edition of PHPKB knowledge base software provides the facility to create categories, articles, news, glossary items in multiple languages. Moreover, this edition offers you to setup the front end interface in the desired language.... Read More

Indexing Attachments

PHPKB Knowledge Base is able to index text content to the files attached to knowledge base articles in order to make them searchable. Attachment Indexing is supported in all editions of PHPKB knowledge base software. Some documents can be searched... Read More

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