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Assigning languages to translators

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Superuser can assign the language(s) to any translator so that he can access the admin control panel to complete the translation job assigned to him. Moreover, superusers can revoke the translation right back from translator if required. This section will help you learn how to assign a language to the translator. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to Admin Control Panel as Superuser.
  2. Expand Languages section in left navigation bar and click Manage link to open ’Manage Languages’ page as shown below:
  3. Go to Actions column and mark the check boxes corresponding to language(s) you need to assign to the translator. Checkboxes are disabled for languages that are already assigned to some translator.
  4. Select the translator from Translator Dropdown list and then click on "Assign" button. Note that you can select single translator at a time.
  5. The drop-down list contains the username and email address of the translators.

If you want to revoke back the translation rights from a translator, click Cross ( ) icon displayed next to translator name in Name column of ’Manage Languages’ page. When you click the icon, a dialog box will be displayed as shown below:


Click on "Yes, revoke rights" button to withdraw the rights or you can click on "Cancel" button to abolish the process.

  • Applicable To: Standard (Multi-Language) Edition, Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (MySQL), Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (SQL Server)
Assigning languages to translators