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Indexing Attachments

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PHPKB Knowledge Base is able to index text content to the files attached to knowledge base articles in order to make them searchable. Attachment Indexing is supported in all editions of PHPKB knowledge base software. Some documents can be searched without any advanced tools, while others need PHP modules enabled or installed plugins. You can index the article attachments of PDF, Word, Excel and Power Point documents. You can index the attachments either automatically or manually. Follow the instructions given below to enable the index plugins in manage settings.

  1. Click on "Miscellaneous" settings tab in ’Manage Settings’ link under Tools section in left navigation bar.
  2. Enable the check boxes in "Indexing Plug-ins Path" according to your need as shown below in figure:
  3. You can also enable "Auto Index Attachments" field if you would like to auto index the attachments as soon as they are uploaded.
  4. Click on Save button to save the settings you have made.

  Index Attached Files Manually: To manually index the existing file attachments follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Expand "Tools" section in the left navigation bar of admin control panel.
  • Click on Index Attachments link to index text content of files attached to the knowledge base articles.
  • The screen is divided into four sections PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The count of the total number of files of a particular type present in the knowledge base is displayed with the section heading.
  • In each section, a drop-down is provided to select the count of files to be indexed simultaneously.
  • After selecting the number of files, click on Start button.
  • When the indexing will be complete, the software will display the number of indexed files with their details. For instance, in above screenshot, it displays PDF Files Indexed (5 out of 5) with link Show Details.
  • Click on Show Details link to view the details of indexed files.
  • You can click on the indexed file link to view the file that has been indexed.
  • You can click the Hide details option to hide the details.

Perform file indexing one after another to prevent script timeout. Roughly, it generally takes 1 minute to index the files with total size 25 MB. However, there are numerous other factors like server load, a cache that affects the indexing time.

  • Applicable To: Standard Edition, Standard (Multi-Language) Edition, Enterprise Edition (MySQL), Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (MySQL), Enterprise Edition (SQL Server), Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (SQL Server)
Indexing Attachments