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Does PHPKB support multiple languages, including RTL?

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Yes, the multi-language (ML) versions of both Standard and Enterprise editions allow you to setup your knowledge base in multiple languages. PHPKB (ML version) has in built support for all character sets and orientations (right to left and left to right). It supports number of languages, such as Japanese, Spanish, Hebrew, Tamil, Korean, Russian, German, Urdu, Chinese and so on. Also, it is very easy to create new languages for your knowledge base and translate the content of language file, and it requires no technical skills at all.

The multi-language edition of PHPKB allows you to create new language files, manage languages, edit language variables, save them, create language translators, assign translators to selected language(s), manage translator accounts etc. Multi-Language edition has the support for automatic detection of end-user’s system language so that the knowledge base content can be displayed in the auto-detected language.

For more details, please refer to the multi-language feature page.

Does PHPKB support multiple languages, including RTL?