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How does your license system work?

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The license system of PHPKB knowledge base software is based on the number of required admin users. An admin user account is a user that would be able to login to the admin area, create/manage articles, and be an admin, author, or editor. They include Writers (Authors), Editors, and Superusers. The license restriction is only on the number of admin user accounts that can be created to log in and update your knowledge base. These are the users who must be licensed. For example, you can have 1,000 users with a PHPKB account, but if only 15 of them have the privilege to log in to the admin area, then you have 15 admin users, and your license only needs to cover them.

There is no limit on the number of end-users that can access the public area of your knowledge base.

How does your license system work?