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What is new in PHPKB 6 knowledge base software?

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It gives us immense pleasure to proudly announce the release of ’PHPKB 6’, the latest version of our knowledge base software. Our developers have been hard at work improving ’PHPKB’, the leading knowledge base software. The new version, PHPKB 6, is smarter, faster and incorporates literally hundreds of the latest "Performance Tweaks" to speed up and make your knowledgebase management experience like never before. It is completely redesigned to make it more user-friendly and includes several new features that most of you were asking for. In short, PHPKB 6 is all about maximizing your productivity and making your customer support easier.

What’s new in PHPKB 6?

Knowledge Base Software
  • Knowledgebase Dashboard
  • Various Reports & KB Statistics with animated flash charts.
  • Assign multiple categories to an article.
  • Featured Articles.
  • Custom Fields for Articles.
  • LDAP Integration (Enterprise Edition)
  • Specify Meta Keywords and Description for Articles.
  • Ability to set an expiry date for articles to control their lifecycle.
  • KB Articles’ traffic stats in the form of Analytics
  • Referral Analytics
  • Publish News & Announcements
  • Reply and/or Publish tickets received from contact us page.
  • Complete rewrite of KB search engine to display search results in the order of their relevance.
  • IP address ban for specified number of failed login attempts.
  • SEO friendly URLs for knowledgebase items to improve Search Engine ranking.
  • My Favorites list to add articles of your choice.
  • Subscribe to receive email updates when new articles are added to the knowledgebase.
  • AJAX used for one click operations that otherwise would require 4-5 clicks and page reloads.
  • Specify custom sort order to display categories in front-end.
  • Know what categories are most popular or least popular.
  • Create groups of knowledgebase users so that they can access the knowledge content assigned to their user-group.
  • Control various newly added configurable options from manage settings screen.
  • Literally hundreds of minor performance tweaks to speed up the KB management.
  • Completely re-designed admin control panel and front-end.
What is new in PHPKB 6 knowledge base software?