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Associate Base Language articles with other languages

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This article explains how one can associate Base Language articles with other languages. This feature is only available in the latest update of version 9.0.

How to use this feature:

  1. First of all, you will need to set one of the languages as "Base Language" so that all of its articles will act as ’master’ articles.
  2. There will be one master article (in the base language, for example, English) and rest of the articles will be its translations in other languages.
  3. On the front-end ’view article page’, the user will see a section which will contain the list of languages (except the current article) in which other translations of that article are available so that end-user can switch to any language version of that article. For example (in English): This article is also available in the following languages.
  4. On Add / Edit Article pages in the admin area, there will be a new option called "Base Article" to select the master article for building relationships with the article being added/edited. This option will only be available for the create/edit article section of non BASE languages. So, if you have set ENGLISH as the base language then this option will not be available when you try to create/edit an article in ENGLISH language.
  5. With this option of selecting “Base Article”, you will be able to search the master article either by its title or ID. For example, if you are creating/editing a Chinese article named “如何安装 Cisco VPN?” in the Chinese language, you will be able to select its English article named “how to install a Cisco VPN?” either by typing its Article ID or keywords from its Article Title. You will then see a list of all articles that match the search criteria provided that they are not already associated/related with any Chinese article.
  6. On Preview Article (that opens when one clicks on Article Title) section, you will see two tabs:
    1. Articles Details - It will display article-specific details like article title, keywords, content, attachments, etc (like they are being displayed now)
    2. Article Translations - It will list the translated versions (copies) of that article in other languages.

That’s all!

  • Applicable To: Standard (Multi-Language) Edition, Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (MySQL), Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (SQL Server)
Associate Base Language articles with other languages