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How do I migrate/move my installation of PHPKB to another server?

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Completing this is a fairly straightforward process that you can accomplish with the steps given below.

  1. Download all the files of your current knowledge base installation.
  2. Take a database backup of your current knowledge base. In case you are using the MySQL edition of PHPKB knowledge base software, generate the database backup through MySQL Workbench/phpMyAdmin or any other tool that is available in your hosting control panels such as cPanel or Plesk. However, if you own an MSSQL edition of PHPKB then, generate the backup through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

    Note: In case you have no idea on which database your knowledge base is using as the backend, you can simply log in to Administrator Control Panel as Superuser and go to Tools > Manage Settings > General tab > Product Details section and can find (MySQL / Microsoft SQL Server) information there.

  3. Import the database backup taken in step 2 to a new database server using the appropriate tool as discussed earlier.

    Note: If you have a fairly huge database, you can seek the services of your hosting company for generating and importing the database backup.

  4. Upload the downloaded files (in step 1) to your new server.
  5. If you are using PHPKB version 9.0 and above, go through the sub-steps mentioned under this point else move to point 6.
    1. Remove the ’ admin/include/configuration.php ’ file on the new server.
    2. Run the installer by accessing its folder through any web browser.
    3. Choose the " Upgrade " option during install.
    4. Supply details as requested and complete the upgrade.
    5. Login to your knowledge base and enjoy working with the newly moved knowledge base.
  6. Refer to this step only if you are using PHPKB version 8.0 or below. Edit the admin/include/configuration.php file (in any text editor) and update the database details and other details such as the KB URL. The KB URL will appear like this:
    $path_kb = "";
    The database details will appear like this:
    $mySQLServer= ’localhost’;
    $mySQLUsername= ’username’;
    $mySQLPassword= ’password’;
    $mySQLDatabase= ’db_name’;
How do I migrate/move my installation of PHPKB to another server?