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Configuring Custom SMTP Server for Email Notifications

Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minutes

To ensure prompt and reliable delivery of notification emails in PHPKB, you can configure custom SMTP server settings. This is particularly useful if you experience issues with email delivery using the default SMTP configuration.

Steps to Configure SMTP Server Settings:

  1. Access SMTP Server Settings:

    • Navigate to the PHPKB admin panel.
    • Go to Tools > Manage Settings.
  2. Locate Mail Server Settings:

    • Click on the General tab.
    • Find the Mail Server Settings section.
  3. Configure Custom SMTP Server:

    • SMTP Host: Enter the hostname of your SMTP server (e.g.,
    • SMTP Port: Specify the port number used by your SMTP server (commonly 25, 465, or 587).
    • SMTP Authentication: Enable authentication if required by your SMTP server.
    • SMTP Username: Enter the username for the SMTP server.
    • SMTP Password: Enter the password for the SMTP server.
    • SMTP Security: Select the security protocol (e.g., TLS or SSL) if needed.
  4. Save Changes:

    • After entering all the required details, save your settings.
  5. Test Email Delivery:

    • Send a test email to ensure that the SMTP settings are correctly configured and emails are being delivered.

Default SMTP Configuration:

By default, PHPKB uses the SMTP settings specified in the php.ini configuration file. If no custom SMTP server is configured, PHPKB relies on these default settings for email delivery. Configuring a custom SMTP server can help resolve delivery issues and ensure that notifications are sent promptly and reliably.

Configuring Custom SMTP Server for Email Notifications