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Types of articles

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A multilingual knowledge base could have a diverse range of article statuses to reflect the lifecycle of an article, from its creation to its potential translation and subsequent updates. Here's a comprehensive list of all the possible status an article can have in the knowledge base. An article can have any of the statuses from the following list in PHPKB knowledge base software.

  1. Draft: The article is being written or is not yet ready for review/publication.
  2. Pending Review (New): The article is complete and is waiting for review or approval. These are generally submitted by Writers and need the approval by either an Editor or a Superuser.
  3. Pending Review (After Update): Changes have been made to the article post-publication, and it is awaiting review.
  4. Review Due: Indicates that the article has reached its scheduled review date and needs to be re-evaluated for accuracy, relevance, and updates.
  5. Approved: The article has been reviewed and approved / published to the knowledge base. At this stage, the article is live and can be accessed by users.
  6. Featured: The article has been given prominence on the platform due to its relevance, quality, or timeliness. Featured articles are often highlighted or given prominence over regular published articles. If you wish to give more exposure to certain articles in your knowledge base, you can mark them as featured. They will also appear on the knowledge base home under "Featured" section.
  7. Awaiting Translation: The article is approved in its original language and is now waiting to be translated into other supported languages.
  8. Translated: The article has been translated by "Writer Translator" but hasn't been reviewed by an Editor or a Superuser yet in the new language.
  9. Translation Approved: The translated article has been reviewed and approved and is live in the new language and can be accessed by users.
  10. Disapproved: Articles that were pending for approval but disapproved after review by an Editor or a Superuser. The article or its translation didn't meet the required standards and won't be published without significant revisions.
  11. Expired: Articles that have passed their expiry date. PHPKB software offers a facility to set an expiry date for the article to control its life-cycle. Once the expiry date is over, the article automatically stops appearing in the knowledge base. The expiry date can be changed/extended/removed from the "Edit Article" screen.
  12. Autosaved Draft: Automatically saved draft (by system) of an article that is in-progress and is not ready to be published yet.
  13. Deleted: Articles that have been removed from the knowledge base are sent to "Trash Box". You can recover or purge (permanently delete) them from "Trash Box".

We have another status "Archived" and it will be offered in the upcoming versions of PHPKB software. It will refer to the articles that are no longer relevant or up-to-date but are kept for historical purposes.

  • Applicable To: Standard Edition, Standard (Multi-Language) Edition, Enterprise Edition (MySQL), Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (MySQL), Enterprise Edition (SQL Server), Enterprise Multi-Language Edition (SQL Server)
Types of articles