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Everything You Need to Know About PHPKB

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What is PHPKB?

PHPKB is a knowledge base software that organizations can use to promote knowledge sharing across their organization and provide excellent customer service at the same time.

Available Editions & Variants

It is available in two editions; enterprise and standard. Organizations can use it as a cloud-based software (SaaS) available on a web browser and hosted on the vendor’s servers. Or they can use it as on-premise software hosted on their own servers and machines. PHPKB offers a variety of features that make it a favorite with start-ups and MNCs alike.

Knowledge Base Software Screens

Important Features

Here are a range of features you get when you choose PHPKB:

Advanced Content Management

With PHPKB, you can create numerous categories, design a multi-level category hierarchy, and utilize ready-to-use HTML and CSS components for your articles. Basically, your content can be organized efficiently with the software, no matter how extensive it is. It offers the usage of a powerful WYSIWYG editor and enables search engine optimization features.

Unique Search Experience

The ‘Live Search’ feature of PHPKB enables customers to search for the required answers without navigating pages. It also highlights the searched terms to avoid wastage in further scanning the search results.

Feedback Collection

With various options for feedback collection, such as comments, rating, and voting for your articles, you can get extensive feedback from your customers and use it to improve the content on the knowledge base.

Smart Administrative Features

With PHPKB, you can select the categories you want to backup, or you can backup your entire knowledge base with a few clicks. Event logs can be assessed for every action in your knowledge base. Along with the overall performance statistics of your knowledge base, you can also track the visitor locations with the Geographic Traffic analysis by PHPKB. Creating user groups and setting permissions for groups is also possible with PHPKB.


PHPKB can be easily integrated with 3rd party software and tools like analytics, ticketing systems, and commenting tools for a more practical approach. It also enables LDAP login and integration for your users.

User-Friendly Interface

PHPKB has a user-friendly interface designed to ease accessibility and create a seamless user experience. It has a fully responsive layout and is also mobile-friendly. It can also be used as a web application without the need to install any external software on every machine.

Self Service

PHPKB enables your customers to explore the answers to their queries. It provides a unique self-service experience while reducing customer support costs.

Multi-Language Support and Cross-Browser Friendly

PHPKB provides multilingual features that let you set up your knowledge base in multiple languages, create multi-lingual files and even search them! The users can access PHPKB from any web browser they like because it is cross-browser compatible.


The public-facing interface of PHPKB can be customized to match the design and look of your website or brand. Our professional designers are experts in creating well-customized solutions for companies, big and small.

Pocket Friendly

PHPKB solutions are easy on the pocket. With a range of flexible pricing options and a free trial, you get the best value when it comes to PHPKB. Starting from $25 for a cloud-hosted knowledge base to $285 for self-hosted solutions, PHPKB is ideal for start-ups and MNCs alike!

Benefits of using PHPKB

A high-functionality knowledge base like PHPKB will boost knowledge sharing in your organization and improve customer service too.  

Here are several benefits of using PHPKB.

Single Source of Latest Information

With PHPKB, you can store all your information in one place. It serves as a single, unified and central repository consisting of all kinds of information stored in older and latest files.

Onboarding Tool for new employees

PHPKB can benefit organizations looking for an onboarding tool. It can host information about company hierarchy, orientation details, policy, and processes. It can be the perfect go-to solution for human resource professionals and newly onboarded employees.

Knowledge Sharing Tool for external and internal users

The public-facing interface of PHPKB can serve as a knowledge base for your customers and external stakeholders. It can also be utilized within the organization for creating, sharing, and updating information for employees across departments. It is the perfect knowledge-sharing tool for internal and external users of any organization.

Get a privately hosted 30-day trial to take a deeper dive into PHPKB! Our knowledge base software allows you to create a centralized repository that can be used to easily create, share, and find the knowledge that would otherwise be spread out in multiple locations.

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All in one solution for all business requirements

With a multi-functional knowledge base like PHPKB, organizations can depend on it for various crucial functions such as document management, content management, and knowledge management. PHPKB enables organizations to scale as the demand increases. It ensures consistency in high-quality customer experience and helps organize the data for your employees. It helps reduce service cost and workload by maintaining a 24x7 availability to all users. Try out PHPKB and witness how you can create a seamless experience for your stakeholders.


If you are in search of a knowledge base software, just sign up for a free 30-day trial. PHPKB offers a superb knowledge base with a rich text editor, customization options, and SEO settings. So, you have a splendid opportunity to test it and realize whether it fits your requirements.

Everything You Need to Know About PHPKB