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Know more about licenses

  • Pre-Sales FAQ

    Our Pre-Sales FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing and pricing.

  • Commercial Licenses

    For each license that you order, you are entitled to a license key that will uniquely identify your license.

  • Educational & Non-Profit Licenses

    We are proud to support people doing great things in the world. That’s why we offer significant discounts for nonprofits and academics.

  • White Label Knowledge Base

    If you wish to remove the "Powered by PHPKB" link from your installation of knowledge base software, you should purchase the branding removal addon.

  • Remote Installation Service

    Have PHPKB knowledge base software professionally installed and configured by our developers for free. It is valid for a single installation

  • Support & Upgrades

    All license purchases include free technical support (Basic Plan) for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Licensing Terms

  • Licenses are perpetual. Use your software for ever without paying any further fees.

  • You can upgrade to a higher level license at any time by paying the difference between licenses.

  • Full source code is provided with every license of PHPKB knowledge base software, which can be customized.

  • Your license is non-transferable and cannot be sold or exchanged.

Support & Upgrades

All self-hosted licenses include free technical support (basic plan) for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you wish to opt for Premium Plan (that includes free upgrades) in the first year itself, you can do so from your customer area. Our support hours are 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM IST. Please note that you are under no obligation to pay for future support and upgrades, you own your self-hosted license, it is only if you want support and upgrades at the end of your free year.

Basic vs. Premium Support Subscription

Know the difference between both options and decide which support type suits your business needs.


$135 or 20% of License Cost (whichever if higher)


or 20% of License Cost


$75 or 10% of License Cost (whichever is higher)


or 10% of License Cost

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Customer Area Support (Ticket System)
Live Chat & Phone Call Support
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Licensing System & Admin Users

We often get asked how licensing works with respect to users. So, here is the explanation of PHPKB's licensing system.
The licensing system of PHPKB knowledge base software is based on the number of admin users that can be created to login and add/update content in your knowledge base. Admin users include Writers (Authors), Editors, Translators and Superusers. There is no limit on the number of end-users that can access the public area of your knowledge base. So, you can have unlimited end users (readers) who can browse your knowledge base or login to the public area.

An admin user account is a user that would be able to login to the admin area, create/manage articles, and be an author or admin. You can have unlimited "public" users (readers) with all license options.

Yes, you can always choose to add more admin users in the future to your existing license. You need not to pay full amount for upgrade. All you need to pay is the difference between the cost of upgrade license and your already purchased license. For example, If you have purchased 5 admin user license of PHPKB knowledge base software and you'd like to upgrade your license for 15 admin users, then you need to pay the upgrade cost for 10 admin users only.

There is no limit on the number of users that can view the knowledge base. If you do not plan to restrict access to your knowledge base, people would not need any special accounts to view your knowledge base. This means you can have unlimited number of users that can access the public area of your knowledge base. They can do this in the same way as they view your website.

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