White Label Knowledge Base

White label feature allows you to remove PHPKB branding from the public area of your knowledge base to make it 100% your own.


Every business wants its brands to be known, trusted, and remembered. With our white-label feature for your Knowledge Base, you can put your brand first. Our white label service ensures your users can view your knowledge base on your website (under your brand) with no indication of the knowledge base being powered by PHPKB software. With white-label, your knowledge base builds your brand and enhances the content on your website.

What are the benefits of white-label?

  • Remove or replace the small "Powered by PHPKB" message at the bottom of public area pages with your own. This helps in showcasing your knowledge base as an authentic part of your website.

  • Customize your knowledge base by adding your brand's logo, change the font, background theme, and more.

  • More recognition, less confusion - Keeping every knowledge base page in alignment with your website's design and brand helps your visitors get to know and trust you just a little better every time.

  • Trust Factor - Showing up every time with the same look, feel and voice gives your visitors an unspoken message that they can depend on you.

  • White labeling allows you to offer new products without hiring a team of developers or providing maintenance and security updates.

How much does it cost to white label the Knowledge Base?

We want to allow businesses of every size to show pride in their brands by completely removing our name from the public area of the knowledge base. Keeping this ideology in mind, we have priced the "while-label" add-on for:

  • $165 for Self-hosted Licenses
  • $9.50/month for SaaS Licenses

If you’ve already white-labeled your Knowledge Base, we would love to know what you think of this feature. Share your story with us or visit our ideas section, where you can suggest a new feature or improvement and help make PHPKB the best knowledge base software available. We would love to hear from you!

IMPORTANT: If you are using multiple licenses and you wish to remove PHPKB branding from every knowledge base instance, then white label add-on must be purchased for every license.

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