Guest Post Guidelines

To make it easier for third-party companies to contribute to our blog, we've restructured our guest post guidelines.


Guest Post Guidelines

To make it easier for third-party companies to contribute to our blog, we've restructured our guest post guidelines as follows. Kindly ensure your guest content meet these guidelines.

  • The guest article must be related to the topics discussed on our website and must be of good quality.
  • The desired article length is about 800 to 1600 words, however, we do not impose a hard limit on the length as long as the article is determined to have good value to our audiences.
  • The article must be detailed, unique, and not published elsewhere on the web.
  • We do not post articles that heavily "advertises" a specific product or service, and hence do not indicate "sponsorship" in the article.
  • All guest post articles submitted are subject to approval, and we have the right to either reject or modify the original content to meet our high standards.
  • We allow up to 2 external outbound links to websites relating to topics we discuss on our blog. Links to a spammy website, or sites determined to be harmful to our search engine ranking will not be allowed. We also DO NOT link to sites relating to Casino, Pharmaceutical, Dating, or any other sites intrusive to our audiences. The outbound link will be contained within the body of the article. The outbound links are "nofollow" by default unless the landing website has a reputable Google rank and high domain authority (DA) score.
  • The outbound link will stay indefinitely unless
    • we determine the link is harmful to our search ranking
    • the landing website may have changed its original content
    • there is a conflict between the affiliate program we may opt-in in the future.
  • In the event we decided to remove the link, well let the author know of such a decision.
  • Once we post the article on our website, we own the content and we have the right to edit or modify the content to suit our ongoing needs. As an author, you may link to the guest post however you desire but published content will be owned by us to allow us to modify it when it becomes outdated.

If you have any questions relating to our guest post policy, please inquire by submitting the Contact Us form. Thank you very much for your interest.

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